We are 3 sistersAisha Alhusaini,Eman Alhusaini,Sara Alhusaini

We have a mutual hobby of designing. We have grown up in a very encouraging environment where hobbies got the full support and encouragement to be developed. Designing started us at a very early age as a hobby and ended up as "Butterfly & Co". It was always our area of interest but had never been transferred to reality until 2011 where we took a step forward to tailor the designs and launched the very first collection of Butterfly Abayas.


Products Veils Customisation of Abayas and Veils

We tailor the finest of fabrics to produce one of a kind Abayas in the market. You can choose any design we create and will be made just perfect for you.

We spend a lot of time to make sure our veils are not just an accessory to the Abaya, but an essential part for our customers.

Customisation of Abayas and Veils:
We know our customers value their Abayas and we strive to be the best in meeting their needs. We want your Abaya to be perfect for you, that's why we let our customers customise their Abayas and veils to fit their preference.

Butterfly & Co.

Butterfly & Co.